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The Paradigm Shift Called for In Our Time.

We’re in a unique moment in time. It’s a time of tremendous devastation and negativity, and yet a time that through the spiritual filter is seen as holding the possibility of ushering in a ‘golden age’ – a more peaceful and thriving world. Ancient teachings from the mayan calendar, Tibetan, Aboriginal, and other wisdom traditions have fortold of this time. Jesus as well, in Revelations, talks of the Day of the Seventh Angel – the 7th Sun – which is the Aquarian Age, which is the Age we have only recently entered – as a time ‘when the mystery of God will be fulfilled and time will be no more.’

The Ancient teachings are now echoed by modern day wisdom traditions, the spiritually attuned, students and masters of consciousness, and finding new bedfellows in a growing grassroots movement of experts of the gestalt of fields, scientists, and activists, who perceive the imperative for a paradigm shift if we are to survive our own rampant corruption and destructiveness. The commonality creates a new genre of evolutionary thinkers.

All life is energy, and energy follows certain laws. We are all aware of the law of gravity, and because we understand how it works we can protect ourselves from being harmed by it (e.g. we don’t intentionally step off a cliff, unless our intention is to harm ourselves), and use our understanding of it to support our thriving. Likewise, there are metaphysical principles, spiritually based understandings of how energy works, that map the way to get from where we are to living in peace and brotherhood, with sufficiency for all, and we can use our understanding of those laws to get where we need to get.

The basic message is that we each have a role to play in creating the evolutionary turning point, that each of our roles is essential, and that we must do so in community and collaboration. Awakening to your part happens best in deep states of surrender and stillness. In our work together, using techniques from the fields of meditation, mind-body healing, hypnoses, and energy psychologies, I guide you into states of awareness that access information beyond the radar of your thinking mind. In those states the incorrect core beliefs causing your symptoms, reveal themselves, and new perceptions are accessed that allow for healing and an expanded consciousness. These techniques are ones you can learn if you wish to cultivate your own meditation practice.

“When I heal I do not heal alone” is spiritual law. In arriving at the consciousness that handles your issue, you become a Presence of that consciousness, in your personal life and in our world.

And many of us are moved to share our experience to shape a more compassionate world, thus parents of special needs children gather together to research and advocate for best policies, women who have gotten to the other side of cancer engage in fundraisers, caregivers create support groups, entrepreneurs write inspirational books, etc. Giveback integrates our own learning, and connects us more deeply with our gratitude, our gifts, our abundance, our belonging, our community, and the role we are here to play in the world.

In our work, you become aware of the interconnectedness of the shifts in perception that create thriving in your personal landscape, with the shifts called for on the collective landscape to create a thriving world.

I’d be honored to introduce you to this work, through our therapeutic relationship; I also give workshops, and teleseminars. If you follow my writings you will find that I am an activist, engaged in doing my part to shape a healthier world, based on the ethics of thriving. The combination of my emersion in the therapeutic field with my advocacy in the community/world makes my work particularly effective, e.g. if I am uniquely helpful to domestic violence victims it is because of my study in the therapeutic field, combined with the awareness I have from my activism to correct certain harmful practices of the family court.

Sandra Eagle, LCSW

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