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Mind-Body Healing

In the sanctuary of our work, you learn how to transform the energy stored in heartache, disappointment, and fear, into the energy of full aliveness, robust connections, clarity, good-heartedness, and a sense of purpose.
the time you’ve been hoping for is here, now.

The power of decision is yours.

What Is Mind-Body Healing?

You make a decision to raise your arm, and your body follows your instruction and your arm raises. Without any awareness of how many neuron-synapses fire, or what electrical impulses travel through what nerves , or how those impulses communicate to what muscles to do so, you are able to command movement and have your body follow through.

There are other ‘decisions’ we make, and our body likewise registers those decisions, even though we are not aware how or where in our cellular/nerve/organ structures the information is registered. One category of ‘decisions’ are the conclusions we come to, conscious or unconscious, about ourselves and others. ‘If you open up to people they will hurt you’, ‘emotion is a sign of weakness’ ‘no one will like me if they see the real me’ ‘happiness belongs to others, it’s not part of my make-up’ ‘having enough money is a struggle’ ‘nice guys finish last’ ‘I don’t have what it takes’– are examples of incorrect core beliefs that run our lives without our necessarily being aware of them. They are ‘decisions’ we make that our body then translates into nerve impulses that get registered in our muscles, connective tissue, joints, organs, etc.

Sometimes, through the connection with a therapist (or any number of other ways) we are able to become aware of a self-defeating belief we hold, and this awareness is an important step. However, realizing it on the intellectual level does not necessarily release it from the body fabric. In my experience, talk therapy alone, runs the risk of having us become masterful at talking about our issues, but still having our issues. Mind-body healing is an umbrella term for a multitude of approaches that have in common the belief that healing involves a release or a shift from the negative information stored in the body to the body processing from core beliefs that are more in harmony with the limitless possibilities fundamental to our true nature.

In my work I help you tune into the sensations in the body that come up as you are speaking about certain issues. I guide you in using your attention and breath to ‘track’ the sensation. From your intention and attention, the sensation becomes more tangible, and as it intensifies, the beliefs that are carried in the sensation are recognized and the sensation begins to complete itself. The sadness, grief, anger, fear, held in the ‘conclusion’ and in the body fabric, releases. This leaves you free to choose to live from a value system that is conscious and that works to bring you happiness, rather than to continue to ‘obey’ conclusions that no longer serve you.

I believe we are systems of energy, and to be well we need to know how to work with energy. It’s not enough to talk about issues and leave the energy of the issue still wired in the body mechanizations.

The techniques I use help you learn how to let the energy of an emotion ‘complete’ itself in safety, and result in greater self-awareness, clarity, and possibility.

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