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I’m honored you’ve stopped by. I hope here to give you a sense of how I work, and what my work offers.Psychotherapy

I believe we are each born with our own unique essence. The challenge for each of us is to negotiate the needs of our essence with the demands of our environment. There are two aspects that define our experience.

The first is Essence – aptitudes, talents, temperament, the intrinsic qualities that make up my uniqueness. This is the area of matters of the Soul, of the Who-I-Am, the ever-unfolding Self. Access to this information is direct, intuitive, felt. The second is Ego: those thoughts and skills that we learn in order to survive. Where matters of essence are part of the eternal, the skills of ego respect the time-space continuum. Where matters of Essence are intrinsic, the skills of ego must be practiced and developed.

Happiness results from creating your life honoring your Essence. When the vast repertoire of ego skills are used to support our Essence, we live a spirited life. Often, however, in the name of ‘shoulds’, a reversal has happened, and we suppress our Essence in order to support our ego (i.e. what we’ve learned it takes to survive). We end up ruled by our momentum, pushing to keep up with the demands of our life, and feeling dispirited.

In my work I help you reconnect with your Essence, and to develop the courage, the value system, and the skills, to create your life honoring Who-You-Are. The possibility is to have a robust, spirited, experience of life.

Sandra Eagle

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